Socialization doesn’t end after puppyhood. Continue building those newly honed social skills throughout this next developmental phase of your dog’s life!


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So you’ve worked hard socializing your precious puppy, now suddenly, they have reached the next stage in their life. As an adolescent dog, it is crucial to continue maintaining social skills to not lose the momentum from puppyhood. Teen dogs are getting bigger, often gaining confidence and sampling new behaviours to see how they “work”. In play, this can mean dogs may require assistance with self handicapping (matching the other dog’s level), one-sided style of play (i.e. always the chaser, never the chasee), impulse control, responding to owners’ cues while playing, and managing feelings of frustrating as they navigate new and more complex social interactions. Or, in other cases, they may simply benefit from further controlled opportunities to practice the quality play skills they already have!

Authentic Canine’s Teen Socials offer a safe and fun opportunity for teen dogs aged 5-24 months to experience social interactions including slow introductions for shy teens and higher activity play sessions for the confident, energetic teens. Along with play, these weekly sessions also include exploration of different surfaces, noises and objects. We strive to create a safe atmosphere where dogs are allowed to warm up at their own pace and learn valuable skills of reading and responding appropriately to body language cues from other dogs.

These weekly play sessions are suitable for friendly, social dogs, as well as shy dogs who may show a cautious interest in other dogs and just need the right environment to thrive with their social skills.

Socials are NOT suitable for dogs who have a history of  reactive barking, lunging, growling, snapping, or biting at other dogs. If you are looking to improve on your adolescent dog’s social skills who display any of the above behaviours, please contact us for a Private Training Consultation and we will work out a customized training plan to help your dog.

For additional Teen socialization and training,

check out our Group Training Classes and our specialized Teen Training Camp!



  • Age 5-24 months

  • Known safe, pro-social behaviour toward dogs & people.

  • Dog-friendly & people-friendly. Shy or timid dogs are welcome. NOT suitable for reactive or aggressive dogs.

  • If newly adopted, we recommend 1-3 months to settle into their new home with you before attending socials.  Contact Us with questions about navigating this adjustment.

  • Social skills must be known. We are not able to *test* a dog’s unknown play skills in these sessions, but would be happy to address this in a Private Training Consultation.

Located at K9HQ Doggy Daycare Plus
102-721 Station Ave, Langford


11am – 12pm

$30 + GST

Pre-registration is required to secure your spot each week.

If hoping to book a day and don’t see availability on the booking calendar, please Join Our Waitlist so we can contact you if a spot opens up! 


Samantha was excellent with Crickett. It was Crickett’s first time at a puppy social, and she loved it. Thanks to Samantha


Samantha is great at facilitating these sessions, and for her information! The length of sessions is great, longer than others in town, which means more time learning. The space includes fun objects to interact with, as well as just the puppies. I am learning about my dog specifically in a controlled way. Also, the puppy LOVES being in the pen.


Learned a lot in just 1 hour. This lady really knows a dog’s behaviour and reactions. I’ve signed up for two other courses as well. Looking forward to a well-trained pooch



All socials are non-refundable. Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 1 week prior to the session date. If less than 1 week prior, cancelling or rescheduling will be possible only if we are able to fill your spot (exceptions will be made for emergencies). For cancellations within the allotted time frame, a credit will be issued for the full amount.