Struggling with your dog’s terrible teens!? From 5-18 months old, adolescent dogs tend to challenge us being more impulsive, easily distracted, inconsistent with cues, and can leave owners feeling frustrated!

Drop your dog off with our experienced, accredited trainers for a 1:1 trainer to dog ratio to build a solid foundation of general manners and life skills in controlled setups and real-world settings!

Authentic Canine Training Team Member


Overwhelmed by the daunting task of raising an adolescent dog? Want to equip your dog the skills to be the manageable, well-mannered and amazing companion that you know they can be?  Drop your adolescent dog off with experienced, accredited trainers to take on the heavy lifting with impulse control, foundation training, and life skills in public settings for a thorough and consistent training experience.

During the adolescent phase of a dog’s life, between 5-18 months of age, dogs are really learning to explore the world in more complex ways than they did through puppyhood. They are learning to test (and push) boundaries, developing stronger opinions, are more highly distracted by various stimuli, and experience hormonal changes that often change the way they think and feel. Consistent training at this time is important for developing long-term habits of desirable behaviours. We work in controlled settings within the K9HQ facility, as well as going on public excursions for optimal proofing of manners and life skills!



Foundation Life Skills

Impulse Control

Recall from distractions

Polite Greetings toward Dogs and People 

Leash Walking Skills

Settle around indoor and outdoor distractions

Weekly Field Trips

Weekly email resources for owners

Personalized graduation video

Weekly Transfer of skills sessions


The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) recommends the use of reward-based training methods for all dogs. We will never use pain, fear, or intimidation in the name of training, including equipment that could cause such feelings. We aim for training to be a physically and emotionally safe experience for all dogs. Afterall, dogs learn better when they’re having fun!

Read the full AVSAB position statement on humane dog training here.



  • Ages 5-18 months

  • Adopted minimum one month prior to start date

  • Friendly with strangers and new dogs

  • Must be comfortable away from owner for 2 hours (we can help with this transition!)

  • Pre-registration required

  • *If your dog has never trained with Authentic Canine, a Training Consultation is required prior to registering*

~Please Note:

These camps are DROP OFF sessions.

Transfer of Skills Session, Report Cards, and Daily Updates will be provided.

Located at K9HQ Doggy Daycare Plus
102-721 Station Ave, Langford




(Must attend both Tuesdays & Thursdays)

*Interested in Teen Camp but can’t do these times, or hoping for a start date sooner than what is available? Contact us for potential alternate camp times!

Camp runs for 2 weeks, 2 days per week – a total of 8 hrs of camp time!

With up to two dogs per camp, we’ve created a 1:1 training ratio in a group dynamic for a fun, social training setting with an individualized approach for each dog.

$625 + GST

Want to maximize your dog’s camp experience?

Receive a $100 discount when you enroll your dog for a second round of camp!

(Discount code will be provided after initial sign-up)

Upcoming Start Dates:


Tuesday, September 26 – FULL

Tuesday, October 10 – FULL

Tuesday, October 24 – 2 Spots Left



Thanks so much you guys, it has made a world of difference to Dougal’s recall and he is doing so well now. I appreciate your hard work with him.



All puppy camps are non-refundable. Camps may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 1 week prior to the session date. If less than 1 week prior, cancelling or rescheduling will be possible only if we are able to fill your spot (exceptions will be made for emergencies). For cancellations within the allotted time frame, a credit will be issued for the full amount.