Safe, Fun Socialization and Play Skill Development

WEDNESDAY, June 12 at 5:00pm

WEDNESDAY, June 26 at 6:15pm

$25 + GST

Socialize your puppy in Victoria, BC | AuthenticCanine


Up until 18 weeks of age every experience (good and bad) is impressionable to a puppy and can linger with them for the rest of their lives. Puppy play must be done in a safe & controlled manner to ensure that each puppy is building a long-lasting positive association.

Authentic Canine’s Puppy Socials offer a safe and fun opportunity for puppies to experience social interactions including slow introductions for shy pups and play sessions when they feel ready. Along with puppy play, these weekly sessions also include exploration of different surfaces, noises and objects. We strive to create a safe atmosphere where puppies are allowed to warm up at their own pace to help them become happy, confident dogs!


For additional puppy socialization and training,

check out our Puppy Kindergarten group class and our specialized puppy day training program, Puppy Camp!


The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) recommends socializing puppies before their second set of vaccinations. They suggest that the benefits of early socialization strongly outweigh the risks of contracting an illness before their second set of shots. Read the full AVSAB position statement on puppy socialization.


  • Age 8 weeks to 18 weeks

  • Puppy has been home with you at least 7 days (to allow time to acclimate to their new family)

  • On track with puppy vaccination schedule. Records must be provided prior to attendance.

  • Pre-registration required

Located at K9HQ Doggy Daycare Plus
102-721 Station Ave, Langford

WEDNESDAY, June 12 at 5:00pm

WEDNESDAY, June 26 at 6:15pm

1-Hour Sessions

$25 + GST

Pre-registration is required to secure your spot each week.

If you are hoping to book a day and don’t see availability on the booking calendar, please Join Our Waitlist so we can contact you if a spot opens up! 


Samantha was excellent with Crickett. It was Crickett’s first time at a puppy social, and she loved it. Thanks to Samantha


Samantha is great at facilitating these sessions, and for her information! The length of sessions is great, longer than others in town, which means more time learning. The space includes fun objects to interact with, as well as just the puppies. I am learning about my dog specifically in a controlled way. Also, the puppy LOVES being in the pen.


Learned a lot in just 1 hour. This lady really knows a dog’s behaviour and reactions. I’ve signed up for two other courses as well. Looking forward to a well-trained pooch



All puppy socials are non-refundable. Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 1 week prior to the session date. If less than 1 week prior, cancelling or rescheduling will be possible only if we are able to fill your spot (exceptions will be made for emergencies). For cancellations within the allotted time frame, a credit will be issued for the full amount.