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Small-Dog Group Walks

Safe & fun reward-based leashed group hikes in Langford for small dogs to enjoy!

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Our group walks specialize in the exercise, comfort, and safety of small dogs. These 60+ minute on-leash walks take little dogs through the many forested trails that the Westshore has to offer.

Our walkers follow reward-based methods carrying treats on every walk. We will never use shock, choke, or prong collars, spray bottles, shake cans, or any other form of aversives, as we are educated on the risks of potential side effects with such methods including fear, anxiety and aggression. We aim to provide a fun, stimulating and enriching experience for every dog in our care using treats, praise and affection.

We chose to offer our walking services specifically to small dogs as we continue to recognize the inadequate opportunities for small dogs to socialize safely among similar-sized friends. If you have ever considered group dog walking for your petite pup, but haven’t gone through with it due to your own safety concerns, unreliable off-leash skills, and/or your pup’s insecurities about interacting with larger dogs, our small dog group walks offer the perfect solution.



  • Trained by our experienced reward-based CTC Certified Dog Trainer

  • Continued evidence-based education

  • Certified in pet first aid (or higher certification)

  • Clean Criminal Record Check

  • Clean Driving Record

  • 1 hour on-leash group walks

  • Specialized for dogs up to 25lbs

  • Small groups up to 4 dogs

  • Reward-based handling 

  • NO use of aversive equipment

  • Double leash attachments

  • Fully air-conditioned vehicles

  • Safe crate or seatbelt restraints



    • Small dogs up to 25lbs

    • Comfortable wearing a harness

    • Ability to travel in a crate or seat belt restraint

    • Friendly with people and dogs

    • Displaying license & dog tag on collar or harness

    • Current DHPP & Rabies Vaccines

    • Males – must be neutered

    • Females – no walks while in heat


    $35 + GST

    30% discount for additional dogs in same household