Dog Training:

Meeting Needs,

Enriching Lives.

Fun & Effective Reward-Based Dog Training, Behaviour Solutions, Dog Walks & In-Home Enrichment Visits to Meet Your Dog’s Unique, Individual Needs. Located in Langford, BC

Our Training Philosophy

At Authentic Canine, we take pride in committing to the highest standards in the industry with humane, reward-based methods to ensure a positive training experience. By reinforcing behaviours we like and replacing unwanted behaviours with healthy alternatives, we help dogs make desirable choices.

When faced with fear, anxiety or aggression, we work to strategically change the emotional response to create a happier, more relaxed dog. These methods are grounded by science and preserve the physical and emotional well-being of dogs. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and dignified client experience.

Dog Walks & Enrichment Visits

No two dogs are alike, so we offer a variety of customizable options for our dog walks and enrichment visits. From choosing the route and pace to incorporating your dog’s favorite activities and training exercises, we work with you to create a walk that meets your dog’s individual needs. For social dogs, this may include pairing up with a friend for a buddy walk or a play.

At Authentic Canine, we provide positive, fear-free experiences tailored to each dog’s unique needs. Our customizable walks and enrichment visits include personalized routes, activities, and training exercises. As a Fear Free certified business, we prioritize well-being and happiness using only positive reinforcement techniques 


Puppy Day Training Camp!

Puppy Summer Camp offers a safe and fun opportunity for puppies 8-17 weeks of age to be dropped off with our experienced, accredited trainers to get thoroughly socialized, build confidence with various novel experiences, and begin practical foundation skills for lifelong success.


Group Classes

Group classes offer an ideal opportunity to bond with your dog while training around real distractions in a supportive, controlled environment.


Private & Day Training

Sometimes you need some extra help to overcome a specific behaviour. Our private sessions help you and your pup move forward together.

Or, drop your dog off with us for their one-on-one day training lessons and then attend transfer sessions with your dog to receive personalized coaching to maintain your dog’s new set of skills.


Teen Day Training Camp

Struggling with your dog’s terrible teens!? 

Drop them off for a one-on-one session with an experienced, accredited trainer to work on general manners and essential life skills.


Puppy Socials

Authentic Canine’s Puppy Socials offer a safe and fun opportunity for puppies to experience social interactions including slow introductions for shy pups and play sessions when they feel ready.


Why Choose Authentic Canine?

Our Certifications

ADT: Training & Counselling

CCPDT: Professional Dog Trainer 

CCPDT: Behaviour Consultant 

IAABC: Dog Behaviour Consultant 

Our Guarantee

Humane, Reward-Based Training Methods

Continued Evidence-Based Education

NO pain, NO fear, NO intimidation

Dobby Blast

“Kelsey is kind and encouraging. She is patient and not pushy when a dog needs longer to understand an idea. My dog is an adult dog who came untrained, protective and nervous. He had lived in three different places in eight months after being abandoned at a high-kill shelter by his original owners. This class has exposed his intelligence and he has become obedient through kindness and playfulness – it was just what he needed.”


“We have been taking our dog Finn [to Kelsey for training] since we got him as a 10-week-old puppy and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kelsey. She truly cares about each and every dog she works with!”